Looking for new members that are new or started new alternate accounts

We are seeking new, semi-new, beginning to intermediate players /accounts.
I have opened a new account, it’s an alternate account. Myself and a friend of mine from our old alliance decided to do this on a whim. We were basically sick of hopping in and out of alliances and being told that “this is a good alliance for you because you’re basically new so you’ll have a chance to grow and upgrade your champs “ ...etc. etc. and then it turns out in a couple weeks you have guys coming into the alliance that are level 50 and up, Uncollected, a 100 different titles and 20 5 stars and 100 4 star champs.. making AW & AQ nearly impossible for you to compete in let alone win.
Well if you’re tired of it or want no part of that then this is the perfect place for you.
We’re starting from scratch. No one needs to feel intimidated or feel superior either. If you have a semi new account or whatever come on in. We’ve been at this game a long time so we know how it is. It’s open for now. You will need to download the Line app. Game chat is horrible and limits your messages not to mention censorship.
Feel free to contact me for anything or questions.


  • DCG921DCG921 Posts: 54
    What is your alliances name or your name?
  • IbsaamIbsaam Posts: 5
    DCG921 said:

    What is your alliances name or your name?

  • Lannistark77Lannistark77 Posts: 52
    edited November 2019
    Hello. My game name is ForTheWatch
    Alliance tag name is: DOC13
    Disciples of Corvus
  • Lannistark77Lannistark77 Posts: 52
    If you don’t have it you should really download the Line app. Even if you don’t join our alliance the one you do is going to want you to have it. It’s how we communicate. In my main account and alliance and every other person and alliance I know they all use it too. If you do download it let me know and I’ll invite you to the alliance group chat.
  • Lannistark77Lannistark77 Posts: 52

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