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Alliance war need a solution not compenstation


First of all this thank you guys from kabam I know it was a tough day and you worked hard to fix the bugs.

Now for the main issue, this war was the cutoff war to get the rewards for the season.

My alliance was unlisted during the bug and now we won't perticipate in the war that starts today.

So now we are facing 2 issues:
1. We won't get the war score if we win or lose, around 700k, which might put us in gold 1.
2. An alliance member who joined for this and the following wars won't get the season rewards.

I don't think this is a compensation issue.

I suggest to cut this war from the season and make the season a war longer.

What do you think?


  • Labais55Labais55 Posts: 40
    Some allys lose pts for bos win bonus plus 1 war season is totaly srewed
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