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LF AQ focused Alliance

Hello future Alliance,

I am looking to join an alliance with the following criteria...

1.) AQ focused 3bgs of map4 x5 days. Clearing between 70-80mil milestone each series.

2.) Push in SA [weekly] and 3-day events without having minimum points required.

3.) War being optional.

4.) No donation expected.

I do use Line Chat, my ID is: aerroneous

General idea of my AQ scoring ability:


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    ÆrroneousÆrroneous Posts: 85
    edited November 2019
    AQ is my main focus and prefer to run map 4. The alliance doesn’t necessarily have to run all 3bgs of map 4, a mixture of 544, 554 or something to that effect is fine. Would give me an option to run a higher map from time to time. And only donate if/when I ran map5. Still require 70mil or higher milestone per series.

    I’m just not wanting to run war at the moment but option to run it in the future.
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    Suman_sahASuman_sahA Posts: 417
    Hey, Check us out by Alliance tag "INDWB" ... & let me know f you interested... We doing mix of map 4/5 & 3 (rarely) that gives us score of about 78m, pushing it for 80m. Donation 15k gold & 1k loyalty...
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