Relax with the AW rewards posts

It’s like you’re never going to get them, relax and take a deep breathe everyone and stop posting 500 times about it 🤦🏻‍♂️


  • dr_nish777dr_nish777 Posts: 169
    Haha.. everyone is getting impatient, its natural i guess.
  • Doctorwho13Doctorwho13 Posts: 20
    I don’t know. Toss up for me. Multiple “issue” posts are on the same level as the multiple times a day someone has to brag about how many 5 or 6’s they have
  • Nkrzykwa1Nkrzykwa1 Posts: 70
    It’s natural for ppl to be bothered. We expected them a week ago. Then kabam says be patient they will be released on their normal date. Now they still aren’t out when normally they’d be given hours ago. A lot of people are eager to change alliances and this holdup is keeping them from doing so
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