I know it’s asking a lot but anyway we can revamp arena

So I know it’s crazy and only an idea.. I don’t wanta seem like I know better then you guys. I been playing over 4 years now and arenas always been the same. I know people say don’t change what isn’t broken but just a idea.. I used to grind for new 4 star champions all the time.. now that I’m to weak to grind for 5 stars I just grind to the point we’re I get 5 star shards.. I just think add more shards for people or put something in were we can get different shards for the type of arena.. I don’t have time to grind 40 mil plus for like dr doom or what not. Idk just an idea.. I know you all have a lot on your plate with all the stuff going on with war/ how block doesn’t block and stuff and not trying to add more stuff hopefully this message starts someone’s thoughts to grind a little


  • NinjaNate90NinjaNate90 Posts: 52
    90mil for Dr doom actually. If you recycle the same 3 6* champs with units and run continuously that equates to about 8 Odins in units. That should be enough for a 6* not a 5*. Kabaam, Fix this and throw a bone to more casual players.
  • Yea no way I can do that lol.... I only have 1 max out 5 star and other rank 4s but I do agree with what you said thank you
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