Looking for AQ 5x5 or some Map 6 experienced players in a Gold 2 Alliance.

Forged Steel is looking for a few active players who has experience in AQ 5x5 and is not afraid to take on minibosses in AQ and Gold 2 War. AQ goal is 170m or over when we are full. Mostly US oriented, but we also have folks in Europe, India etc. So we're pretty good managing time zones. Minimum donations required, but we are fairly flexible!

If this is up your alley, ping me in line!

ID: dzilooo
Display name: dzil
Alliance Tag: ForSt


  • dzildzil Posts: 86
    We have one BG that runs 1-2 day map 6. So opportunity for map 6 is there also.
  • dzildzil Posts: 86
    Weekly SA 500-750k. Still need a few more players. We value communication and strive for a good balance with being competitive but still relaxed.
  • Is Line required? One week tryout for 2 with no Line?
  • dzildzil Posts: 86

    Is Line required? One week tryout for 2 with no Line?

    Yes need line for planning and active communication. In game chat is not enough. We run AQ and war path assignments to help organize movement as we have folks all over the world
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