7.1M Expert Bracket Alliance Looking for 1 Active 200K+ Player

The Grotto [TGrot] is looking for 1 new member that is actively progressing. Alliance members enjoy these benefits:
• Lively and friendly Line chat group conversation – so many great personalities!
• Helpful advice always available – can’t decide on which champion to use that 4* Basic Awakening Gem? Ask us!
• The chance to grow with an organized alliance that aims to push our limits and continue our progress far into the future.
• In Alliance Quests, we are currently running 55455.
• In Alliance War, our War Rating is currently 1039 at Tier 9 – we will be back up to Tier 7+ soon.

Here is what we are looking for:
• 200,000+ Total Base Hero Rating.
• US Time Zones and fluent English reading/writing – this is just for pragmatism, we love the whole world.
• At least 1 champion that is 4*/5/50 or 5*/3/45.
• Line app account - attentive and responsive to alliance chat groups.
• Alliance Quests and Alliance Wars – we require solid participation.
• 650+ in the Duel Skirmish alliance event.
• 9,000+ in the Summoner Advancement alliance event.
• Donations due every Saturday evening to fund Alliance Quests – Gold: 93,500; Battle Chips: 11,500; Loyalty: 7,000.
• Solid fundamentals – skilled at Parry, Evade, Intercepting, and baiting Special Attacks.

If you are interested in joining us, contact me in-game or on the Line app at L3X3CU710N3R.


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