How to get 5 star shards easy

I am quite bad at MCOC, I need to find a ay to gain 5 star shards easy because I can’t wait another month to get the new event quest so that I can 100% heroic again, I need a quick way to gain them


  • Maldroit2Maldroit2 Posts: 739 ★★★
    4* arena
    Duping 4*
    Side quests
    Master difficultly
  • Lion101Lion101 Posts: 161
    I don’t have the skill for master difficulty and I haven’t duped a four star in three weeks, I doubt the dupes are going to fly in now
  • OctoberstackOctoberstack Posts: 865 ★★★★
    The more 4*s you can get from arena, the more dupes you’ll have in the future. Arena rank rewards can also net you 5* shards.

    Beyond that, alliance events (like summoner advancement), AW, story progression, side quests
  • Lion101Lion101 Posts: 161
  • VynrialVynrial Posts: 37
    If you're at the stage where you can't finish master, you don't need 5* champs. Max your 4* and stop rushing, it won't help
  • EdeuinkEdeuink Posts: 1,263 ★★★★
    Buy offers
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