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Mimic ...weapon H.... Devil Dino

I would love to see these three champs enter the contest. I loved marvel comics as a child and these three were some of my favorites. Mimic is one out of the oldest marvel characters he could be all the mutants at once.. Weapon H he is half hulk half wolverine...devil dino is a marvel t-rex! Would be cool to see them in game.


  • LumpDeChumpLumpDeChump Posts: 68
    I’ve been suggesting Weapon H for a while now. But they don’t pay attention to champs suggestions in this part of the forum. Go under the suggestions tab.
  • Hi TH3_STONE,

    From Devil Dino all the way to Weapon H, you have some really great taste in some of the really unique characters! Make sure to add your Champions to our Character Wishlist 3.0 Thread.Thanks!
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