Extra Acorns

Hi Kabam,
I have purchased the complete squirrel store, which was precisely 1 million worth items however I’m still left with 80k + Acorns. Can anyone confirm if there would be another mini store to utilise the remainder Acorns or these Acorns are useless now?
If these acorns are useless I can save 15 mins everyday doing epic difficulty.
Can anyone confirm the future of extra acorns over 1 million? @Kabam Miike " @Kabam Zibiit @Kabam Lyra @Kabam Porthos @Kabam Vydious
I need a precise answer so that I can save my time.
Regards Invincible


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    Didn’t read the whole thing, but acorns will be traded for a crystal for 2-3-4 shards (probably like the ones on Sunday so 200-100 shards) some gold (probably the 2,400 non uncollected gold crystals we get) so no it’s not worth the time, if you got your 1mill nuts take it and leave it. Solid rewards for milestones. Anything after useless. Just like Kabam mikes cyclops.
  • Junaid72003Junaid72003 Posts: 30

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