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Feel like i've already seen this

I remember a year ago, when me and my ally weren't able to rank up to 5/50 4* champions, didn't care if we pulled a good champ, because we weren't able to rank up it.
Then with season 3 of aq we could obtain T4CC, we ranked up a lot of 4* to 5/50 and a few 5* to 4/55, only with this the game become very fun and interesting. 3* become obsolete, even if we used them before get a lot of 4/40 4*.
We've win a ton of aw, aq, story/event quest, LoL etc.
A lot of arena, crystal opened, a lot of time playing this game, all in order to get champs and rank up material.. i must admit it was fun.
Now, the 6*...
My 4*? They will make the end of 3*. A lot of time to have 17 maxed 4*, they will be useless. I will sell them like 3*.
My 5*? Don't get around, like 4* a year go, maybe we'll be able to rank up a lot of 5* to 4/55, but when we'll be able to rank up them to 5/65 (except you're a top spender) there will be 6*, and my 5* will get devaluate.
And then will be another run to get good 6* champs, like now with 5*.
The same thing happened a year ago with 3*,4* and 5*, will happen in a few month with 4*,5* and 6*.
It was very frustating, i won't it to repeat again.
I'm sorry for my alliance, because i'm the leader, but i have to close with this game.
I share this post for two reasons:
1- kabam, you're in time to retire your decision, i'm not the only player that will close with the game. Even top global ally are upset for the introduction of 6*. The same ally who's spend a ton of money for you.
2-for all the players, what kabam are doing is ridicoulus towards you. Don't spend any time or money for they.


  • What's the reason to create 3 threads about the same thing?
  • GaseousClayGaseousClay Posts: 137
    I'm guessing it has to do with the title. 3 of the same posts to lament 3 star 4 star and 5 star.
  • VoluntarisVoluntaris Posts: 1,156 ★★★
    eXtripa69 wrote: »
    What's the reason to create 3 threads about the same thing?

    it has to do with the "Tri-Force"..... zelda
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