First run of LOL

I’m preparing for my first Run of LOL, but need some advice.
- what’s a good number of units to attempt it?
- Is the easy path better then the short path ( if short path how is the best way to beat electro)
- My team would be maxed medusa, Maxed cap inf war, with medusa synergies (black bolt and karnack) what the last place I don’t know I’m thinking blade or gully 2099

Any help would be great


  • JaiPacholtesJaiPacholtes Posts: 14
    edited February 2020
    Which Champions:

    Captain America IW is not a good choice. Take Gulli 2009 instead. Why? Look at this:

    For the other questions take a look at this:
  • Jungle92Jungle92 Posts: 114 ★★
    Hey there! Just did my first run of LOL a week ago (pulled trash btw -.- )
    Anyways, I used 800 units in total (had nothing in my stash so I had to buy everything).
    My team was 5* Ghost r5 and then wasp-hood-antman-jellowjacket.
    Used only Ghost for everything, no boosts and no suicides.
    Did the easy path, had some problems with Magik and her limbo but nothing to worry about.
    The real money spender was Maestro, his ability against tech champs is ridiculous as he gains random buffs and for some reason he kept gaining regen -.- got kabbamed in the worst way.

    Anyway, hope this helps, you can ask for anything if it can help :)
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