The Chests explained

Hi I'm hoping someone can assist me ... what does the colour of the chests and the star ratings mean in the quests?


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    The more it has stars the better is the price inside or the chance to have a better price.
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    Pretty much what Maverick said. The contents in the chest varies per quest though. For instance, a chest in Act 4 would give ISO-8, but a chest in the proving grounds would give catalyst fragments and fully formed catalysts.

    Nonetheless, the main similarity follows: The higher the tier of the chests, the higher the chances for a better reward, or the higher the quality of your reward.
  • Thanx for the response guys , but i'm still confused , i do apologize for my lack of better understanding...
    Chest has rewards "A" , "B" , "C" , "D" with A being the lowest reward and D the top
    on a 1 star your chances are (now this is purely hypothetically speaking)
    "A" = 40%
    "B" = 30%
    "C" = 20%
    "D" = 10%

    Then on a 2 star the odds shift up
    "A" = 30%
    "B" = 30%
    "C" = 27%
    "D" = 13%

    Then on a 3 star the odds shift up
    "A" = 27%
    "B" = 27%
    "C" = 27%
    "D" = 19%

    and so forth ...
    So then the green 2 star chest has the same rewards range as a 2 star pink and also a gold color one? And a chest color does not indicate for example a green chest has a base of iso , gold and catalyst...and a pink has only different values of iso , and gold color has different values of gold... ?

    is it all side same side?

    Again i do apologize if i'm asking pointless silly questions .
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    Nope, the colours of the chest don't determine what is potentially inside them. All chests have their colours associated with their tiers:

    1* Chest = Green
    2* Chest = Orange
    3* Chest = Pink
    4* Chest = Gold
    5* Chest = Dark Purple
    (This basically means a 3* chest will always be pink, and a 4* chest will always be gold. There will never be such a thing as a 3* gold chest or a 1* dark purple chest, because the colours represent their tiers)

    The only thing that determines what is inside the chest is whatever quest you are on. For example, chests in proving grounds contain catalysts and catalyst fragments, while the chest in Labyrinth of Legends contain 5 4* basics.
  • Thank you
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