Summoners, we are aware of some issues currently affecting Dungeons, and possibly other parts of the game. We are working to resolve this as soon as possible, and will address the knock ons when we are sure this is all resolved.

Kabam avoiding Cavalier EQ and effects

Per Seatin, this is the longest period between difficultly releases in EQ.
Kabam has, instead, been trying to stretch what they have with difficulty creep

If they stretch it enough to really make End Gamers feel the change, they will completely lose the Mid Gamers (So it is still too easy for End Gamers).
The difficulty creep is enough to make Mid Gamers feel like they can't progress (They get stronger champs, but can't get further in events).

Everyone is frustrated, except Kabam. They see it as extending the sales life of their current product (at the risk of making it stale)

The solution is adding a Cavalier difficulty.
We know it.
They know it.

They won't do it.


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