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Looking for 2 to run maps 4/5

Hey everyone,

We are an AQ focused alliance, we don’t stress over war. We currently run maps 4 but two of our BGs are close to map 5 so we’re looking for two others on the cusp of map 5. Hit me up on line at NovaPrimeRider or in game (line required). Our alliance is [2TBH3] the big hurt. Thanks for looking.


  • Mike18211Mike18211 Posts: 43
    Hi Mate, hope you’re good. Was wondering if you would consider taking my main and new account? Main (Strongest Avenger) prestige 10170. I have started a second account (Braveheart1297) prestige only 2572 but will grow fast. Combined prestige 6370
    Could use 2nd account to taxi main. As first couple of nodes in war never get kills, braveheart defence could be placed there. I’m a massive arena grinder and very active. Good player. Uk based. If not right for you now, keep me in mind for the future. 👍
  • Hey man we’re definitely interested, what’s your line ID? We don’t usually run war we just focus on AQs maps 4/5
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