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**Arcade is being extra tricky with his Murder Box...**
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Alliance Quest 6 & 7 GOLD cost

I am opening this discussion in regards of letting Kabam know that the total cost of the Alliance Quest 6 & 7 is to high and you are not getting back the cost of the investment in regards of gold invested. Some people in my Alliance work and it is hard to make arenas, keep a family life and try to stay in good shape to compete in the game. I understand that the game is not free and that you work counts but if you get a hero and you do not get the resources to make that grow up it will be very difficult. Let me know if you have the same inconvenience and let Kabam know about the need to revise the cost of the Alliance Quest 6 & 7


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    OGAvengerOGAvenger Posts: 1,121 ★★★★★
    I only have map 6 experience but completely agree the daily rewards for exploring map 6 should be more all around. More gold, more battle chips. The fact that it costs what 30k BC’s per group member if all 3 bgs are doing 6x5 but you get no BC’s for rewards is absolutely ridiculous
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    aztecguardaztecguard Posts: 6
    There is a need to have a review on gold compensation on Quest 6 and 7.
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    aztecguardaztecguard Posts: 6
    I have established that I know that this is not a free game but I also think that the rewards have not ben updated. If you invest x amount of gold on Quest 5 you should have similar amounts available for Q6 and that is not happening.
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    BigbowlrBigbowlr Posts: 127
    Kabam said when map 6 and 7 were introduced that the gold return wasnt meant to cover the cost. They said the points gained from the high levels of 6/7 come at a cost
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    Patchie93Patchie93 Posts: 1,898 ★★★★
    The rewards you earn from running map 6 are significantly better than running map 5.
    I barely do arenas but have no problem with keeping up/ahead on gold.
    Use 47 units for BC donations
    Use BC for crystals which give gold/units.
    I maybe do arena for 30 rounds a week and haven't had a problem. If I actually did them regularly I'd be even further ahead.
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