Looking for an active ally

I am a F2P player who is cavalier. I have a lot of experience in doing map 5 AQ with some in map 6. I am looking for an active alliance that is at least gold 1 or up in AW. I am active and can carry my weight.

I am looking for a friendly alliance that has a helpful, relaxed but serious game attitude. I am looking to progress further in game as a team with the alliance. I can handle mini bosses and boss in AQ map 5.


  • Did you find a home? Message me in game if you want to talk.

  • MB1MB1 Posts: 10
    Hey. Were map5/6 and P4. Message m.brusli on line if interested
  • Capt_StrikerCapt_Striker Posts: 152
    Do you have line? You can hit me up there at captstrikerr
  • tidusx2jrtidusx2jr Posts: 182 ★★

    If you're still looking, we run 554 for AQ all week long, finishing with 150m minimum. We run 3 groups of AW with 2 bgs alternating so everyone has a break between war matches for questing and whatnot. SA is typically 550k every week. Always hit the rank milestone rewards for 3day events. My ign is tidusx2jr and line app is the same if you're interested.

  • AethyrosAethyros Posts: 108
    We might be a great fit. Message me on line:
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