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15.1m alliance looking for 1 more active player

Alliance Quest Map 4
Alliance War Gold 3 tier 13
We are fairly active and complete our respective paths.

Contact on Line Id: EpicSmiley


  • EpicSmileyFaceEpicSmileyFace Posts: 35
    edited February 2020
    If you are looking for a consistent and reliable alliance to help you grow, we still have 1 opening.
  • EpicSmileyFaceEpicSmileyFace Posts: 35
    The opening is still available. Contact me on Line Id: EpicSmiley
  • EpicSmileyFaceEpicSmileyFace Posts: 35
    A little more info about us. We are a 15 mil alliance looking for active play who can hand map 4 with modifiers. We currently run 3 BGs map 4 with modifiers and 3 BGs in Alliance War Gold 3 tier 13. We are active players who are motivated to grow. Participation in AQ & AW is required. Must use Line to communicate.

    If you are interested, contact me on Line Id: EpicSmiley
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