6.2 vs 6.3 exploration.

GildenlowGildenlow Posts: 691 ★★★
So hey endgame players, why do you think of these two chapters?

Is it easier start an exploration of 6.3 due to not restriction gates? Or even so thoe gates 6.2 is still easier?

I myself am 60% on 6.2 and I'm getting kind of bored so I'll start the exploration of 6.3, I'm just afraid of havok and mysterio cause they were hard on the completion.

What do you think?


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    GildenlowGildenlow Posts: 691 ★★★
    Well I'll start with 6.3 tomorrow so let see whadyt happens, any other opinion is well received
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    Msyounus1288Msyounus1288 Posts: 221 ★★
    It depends on your roster. Took me a couple months of ranking everyone I needed for 6.2 and it took a week to 100% 6.3 but I wouldn’t say one is easier than the other. If you don’t have the right counters ranked up for some of the paths both can be pretty bad. 6.2 exploration cost me around 500 units doing a path or two a day for 2-3 months and 6.3 cost around 1100 units a lot of them spent on energy refills.
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