Please note that when we enable the 1 Loyalty Cost for Revives in Alliance Wars for Season 34, they will not be visible from the screen that appears when you choose to Revive or Heal a Champion from the Fight Screen.

You will be able to purchase Revives from the Loyalty tab in the Store Menu.

Which to rank up 5/65?

Which to rank up 5/65? 22 votes

Starlord duped with 83 sig
CropDuster 1 vote
CM duped with 153 sig
Lvernon15OzFearUs10or_StrongZeronaut81LordNeojnikolas92Bugmat78EtjamaMiStaLovaKRANꓘHedronAaronc94Thicco_ModeHCMmcocKing_Leo321Aomine_Daiki10sastomIbbyNightbat216IronStrange 21 votes


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