Weird AI “Phase” Mechanic??

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Lately I’ve been noticing the AI in all sorts of game modes acting weird... dexing my attacks or punishing me when they should still be recovering from a special or heavy attack. I thought it was all in my head... as a conspiracy theory. We all know MCOC has a lot of those, so why not? Until of course... I caught it while recording...

So I messed up... big whoop right? Stop crying & get over it you might say. But let’s take a closer look...

Here, my attack clearly makes contact. In fact, she hasn’t even begun to dash back yet... just sitting there still. Let’s look even closer... at the very next frame.

Here, my medium attack is entirely complete, & it has phased right through her... while she still hasn’t begun to dash back yet.

So what’s going on here? There is clearly a weird “phase like” mechanic going on that shouldn’t be there. The AI shouldn’t be doing this period, since it doesn’t have the Dexterity mastery. But even with Dexterity, this shouldn’t be happening. So what’s going on... huh Kabam?


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    I don't think this is the ai. I think it's just the recovery phase after a special. But I might be wrong
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    My only comment on this, is I've noticed VTD attack animations hit weirdly later than one would think. Maybe it is a weird animation bug of the attack making contact later than it appears.
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    This is definitely interesting. The AI has been being weird recently. @Kabam Miike any explanation?
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    I have noticed this as well. This has been happening for quite a while, with opponents dex-ing or parrying ghost's phase intercept, but lately I have noticed the same thing that you showed. I've gone in to counter a heavy and ended up parried or dexed. Makes things very risky and just forces more potions to be used, especially if this happens in AQ/AW...
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    Reporting this to the team, but this is not an AI thing. I know that's the popular thing to

    To what?
  • John757John757 Posts: 1,059 ★★★

    Lvernon15 said:

    Reporting this to the team, but this is not an AI thing. I know that's the popular thing to

    To what?
    That was a copy/paste error for something else.
    Copy and paste is definitely a double edge sword, especially at work. At least you can edit stuff after posting 😂
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    I have seen this and it has been happening for other champions. I don't have available examples at this time but know Drax, Storm and Mysterio are phasers.

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    I believe this is similar to the x23 and sentinel issue where the animation after the special made the opponent untouchable and react too quickly.
  • vertiGovertiGo Posts: 39
    Any update on this, it's just lost me VtD during the second fight of AQ to Angela on map 4
  • xXkuyxXxXkuyxX Posts: 24
    She literally got hit by your VTD, went right through her and then she dashed back, i don't think phasing is one of her abilities, it's definitely a bug that works in kabam's favour, me personally, i think that kabam done something to the AI!!
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    Ive noticed this phasing just now in 6.3.4 storm i was using magik doing her regular thing power lock and standing up intercept went through 3 times and i died due to acting as if opponent is phasing even though dont have phase mechanic
  • vertiGovertiGo Posts: 39
    12 days on from the last response, do we have any updates at all Mike?
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