IMIW vs Variant 3 Kang

KyusushuiKyusushui Posts: 140 ★★
Can Irron Man infinity war handle the Kang fight? If so does his plasma count as a debuff that blocks kangs healing.


    Yes IMIW is a gud counter to v3 Kang, but he handles regen only through his shock from sp1 and not from his plasma.
  • HendrossHendross Posts: 862 ★★★
    I used a r4 imiw for this fight. Plasma does not count. But sp1 lasts almost 2 complete cycles, if you're skilled you can land plasma then keep up sp1. Otherwise its a pretty (long) straight forward fight .
  • TheToxicCactusTheToxicCactus Posts: 368 ★★
    Yup, I used imiw and kept spamming sp1s, them shocks last pretty long
  • hungryhungrybbqhungryhungrybbq Posts: 2,039 ★★★★
    edited April 2020
    Yes, imiw was one of the best counters for that fight imo. I used my unduped 6*. The up time on the shock debuff from the sp1 is pretty long. Just need to get in a cycle.. bait his sp1, punish it and throw your own sp1. Obviously keep an eye on his timer (regen) and yours (shock), but you'll find that you are ahead of him most of the time. Weave in a few heavy attacks here and there to break his armor if desired.
  • OkaythenOkaythen Posts: 590 ★★★
    If duped
    Sub 15% destroys him
    Use heavy trick to get the most of the plasma stack 3 or more using sp2–>sp1 then heavy to fuse
    People say that it’s hard to manage but if you have him duped it’s almost no effort since sp1 spam is possible and is unblockable
    Plus I sp1 shock will last a good while since you get 10% duration per tech champ
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