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The infamous Act 6 Champion

Alright, so I’m finally at the Champion in Act 6. however... lacking a Cap IW or Symb Supreme, I tried a team of Quake, Corvus, Morningstar, Magik, and Black Widow. results? TOAST. so, to deal with the first 90% of his HP, who would you use/recommend?


  • Iron_SkywalkerIron_Skywalker Posts: 125
    also a majority of my others are R1 and the more “memes” of the game, so no picture. but I do also have Hood, Dormammu, and 6* Wasp/CapWWII/MrSinister/RedCyclops/Psylocke/DoctorStrange
  • ThehereticTheheretic Posts: 110

    Did you have at least 3/5 in MD?
    There should be no way that you can’t defeat the boss with both BWCV and MS
    Build his charges up with other champs to help with that
    Make sure MS has atleast 4 souls prior to the fight

    He said Black widow not claire.
  • Iron_SkywalkerIron_Skywalker Posts: 125
    @Theheretic i would LOVE a Black Widow (Claire)... better yet, Symbiote Supreme! but,,, again, Kabam-type odds. not in my favor unfortunately
  • Iron_SkywalkerIron_Skywalker Posts: 125
    and yes, I have 4/5 in MD... prolly gonna R5 MS and practice lol
  • ArkhamButcherArkhamButcher Posts: 129
    The last 10% is the problematic part,my g
  • ahock101ahock101 Posts: 118
    I just did this fight a couple of days ago, took me 3 attempts to learn the fight, and on the last attempt I beat him, took some units but my advice in the final 10% is make sure you start that part of the fight at full health, if you can control his indestructable the fight is much easier. I found that to get the charges I would do a mini dex of the first hit of the sp1, miss the second hit, get hit by the karate chop then dex the headbutt. Took 3 revives and some potions before I did it, but I made sure each time I was at full health
  • WoozieWoozie Posts: 479 ★★

    and yes, I have 4/5 in MD... prolly gonna R5 MS and practice lol

    I would keep it at 3/5 MD so you can spam sp2s but not keep getting sp3s for your Morningstar

    I would also highly recommend 100% that quest before MS gets her healing nerfed - it makes a huge difference especially No Retreat

  • Envi1Envi1 Posts: 17
    I used 6* Hood with 3/5 in MD, managed to do the whole fight with just one revive, he’s a hidden gem for this fight
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