Looking for AQ +200 mill no AW please

I'm a 9.7k prestige player. Looking for a +200 mill AQ ally that finishes early and with no drama.

I'd prefer no AW or optional please.
Leave your line ID here. I'm looking to move after this aq round.


  • kk71928kk71928 Posts: 45
    That is exactly what we are. 5x5 AQ hitting 205-210 million with optional AW currently one BG. We will have one opening after this AQ cycle. My line id is kk71928
  • Coug21Coug21 Posts: 28
    Hey man. Did you find anything yet? We run 5x5. About 225-230mil AQ score. We clear every time. AW is optional. We run 1 bg for AW as first come first serve. Line ID: Coug22.
    Let me know if you’re interested.
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