Changes to the AI Over Time?

I stopped playing this game around spring of last year, and at that time I had been accustomed to using Instinctive Touch. I came back March of this year, and all the things that used to work seem to be 50% less effective. Taunts do not seem to work. Whenever I hold block to wait for an intercept the AI just holds block, and doesn't even dash in. Sometimes the AI just walks up to me and light attacks into my block unexpectedly. Asides from that, the AI seems to be passive, but if I do even one mistimed dash back, they pounce and completely wreck me. This has screwed me over so many times in Act 5, and if I didn't have 5/50 4*'s and boosts, I would probably have used many revives. Has anyone else noticed this?


  • LewisTheLlamaLewisTheLlama Posts: 226 ★★★
    ..was it a Mordo?
  • SpideyFunkoSpideyFunko Posts: 16,936 ★★★★★
    kinda sounds like the 5.1.6 Mordo
  • Mrspider568Mrspider568 Posts: 1,960 ★★★

    kinda sounds like the 5.1.6 Mordo

    That mordo was horrible he kept holding block 90% of the time
  • BigBusterBigBuster Posts: 42
    Nah, I know that Mordo goes defensive during the power gain phase. I am saying overall fights, just any normal champion.
  • EarthEliteEarthElite Posts: 879 ★★★
    Yeah the AI is definitely buggy (especially in RoL), probably because of quarantine.
  • BigBusterBigBuster Posts: 42

    Yeah the AI is definitely buggy (especially in RoL), probably because of quarantine.

    Yeah, I thought that Act 5 AI was supposed to be super aggressive
  • InxInx Posts: 115
    Yea the ais have definitely changed over the years. I remember never having to worry about being hit, but they move so much faster or so much more defensive and offensive at the same time that they catch me with their stutters. Luckily I’ve gotten use to so usually they just hit my block every now and then, but it’s only been like that for year at most.

    Worse is the stupid random light attacks that they throw. They just flail around to counter dash back intercepts now. Fighting the grandmaster he just does his little 3 hit combo and catches me sometimes with his crazy long reach and awkward fighting rhythms.
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