Act 5 100% help?

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So I’ve decided to wait on cavalier but I’m the meantime I need to get at least 1 5/65. How do I get that? Act 5 100% of course! But has anybody got advice I’m mainly worried about 5.3 with the keys and gates and overly complicated system associated with it. Also any tips for doing the collector in as little units as possible (no quake btw)


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    I'm going through same right now. There are walkthrough guides for 5.3 if you google. But general consensus is that it's long, slow and prob worst part of Act 5 exploration. Main issue as you prob know is the global node that mitigates 50% of the damage for every class except one in each chapter. I've popped in and out of different paths in different chapters, which is my attempt at keeping it fresh, but the difficulty level seems relatively the same throughout and you just gotta grind through it. Keep the Elders Bane rewards in mind for motivation.

    I'm saving Collector for last. I cleared him first time w an OG 5* Vision and some good 4*, and my roster is much more developed now, so figuring it shouldn't be too crazy. I have a 6* r1 Spider-Gwen I plan to try out, her kit seems well suited for that fight.
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    I would do cavalier as I think it’s easier than act 5 100% if you have a bleed immune
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    Thanks for the tips. I have got some R4 5*s and just pulled my first 6* so I should be OK there. I have a 5/50 Medusa for ultron and could possibly one shot him with some practise. Masochism is one of my worst nightmares. Also I took the caltrops path in 5.2.4 first @Ya_Boi_28 i mean I had BWCV and Thing, cheese galore. Also I tried out some 6.1.1 today and that’s a big no @Skinnyfatboy82, I need to get good at no retreat.
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    I’m trying to complete act 5, but in act 5.3.2 I need a cosmic key and I never got one I’m 94% done with it. I think it’s because they gave me 2 skill keys instead. What do I do? Help!
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    Dereck25_ said:

    I’m trying to complete act 5, but in act 5.3.2 I need a cosmic key and I never got one I’m 94% done with it. I think it’s because they gave me 2 skill keys instead. What do I do? Help!

    Is there a key in another quest that you haven't picked up. 5.3 is annoying because you can't 100% each quest as you go, you have to go back and forward to get keys from different paths first.
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    ItsDamien, I’ve already did them all I’m uncollected I’m just trying to get act 5 a 100% before I try act 6
  • Dereck25_Dereck25_ Posts: 4
    And it said I should’ve got the key when I first bet it.
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    Are you in an alliance? Save all glory for t5b chunks and you can rank 5/65 bwcv within a month and a half a long as the AQ score is over 30m or so and she'll do all of act 5 for you.

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    I just need the cosmic key and I’ll be done Kabam nave have it to me I have 2 skill keys instead.
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    walkerdog said:

    For 100%, the biggest "cost" is going to be energy. 5.3 is plenty annoying, so if you get to one of the chapters that have too much BS for your current team (Say you only have 1 decent tech character for the tech chapter, and you are stuck on 1-2 paths), skip those chapters until last, or close to last, at least last for 5.3. 5.3 is also more intimidating when you only have 4* 4/40s and 5/50s than it is once you start getting 2-3 5* R4 - the 5* R4 is roughly equivalent to a 4* R5, but it will have better health/attack on average, so you're both able to take a hit a little better and also able to overcome the 50% damage limitations for not having the right class in 5.3

    For the collector, anyone who can either hit very hard in short bursts (Corvus, Nick Fury awakened as examples) or people with some built-in safeguards (sparky is the most classic example - his evades can help you stick around longer in the fight). If you take hardhitting character in, even playing somewhat clumsily and just plowing as much damage as possible, you should be able to do him with like 200 units per run.

    A 5 star R3 is equal to a 4 star R5. A 5 star R4 is much stronger.
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