Finally attempted it and beat LOL (team pic included)

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I have been playing for a long time and never actually saved resources like I did recently. So last night I took a chance and finally did my initial completion of LOL. Aegon was an absolute beast!


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    Thanks @Andyball270
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    Congrats my man!!!
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    Jeepers you cut it fine with those units 😁
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    @Snizzbar I used about 475 units but I had a ton of 20% and 40% revives and potions.
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    i finished LOL exploration this weekend. now i've been staring at all my 5* shards for two days to avoid the disappointment that almost always comes with opening crystals :'(
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    I did LOL 100% to get that gem for my Corvus. Everything else was almost useless from that opening. Only too about 400 units a path so not bad but it is what it is. Congrats to you. Aegon is so fun when jacked up
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    Congrats on the cyclops but seriously nice job
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    @NinjaWarrior99 congrats!!!
    I hope u pull god tiers, I didn’t 🤣
    Green Goblin and OG Hulk (both dupes)
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    Thanks everyone!
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