Incursions matchmaking

I decided to do an incursions this morning as I still have most of the room rewards to get, then I get paired with a guy who has 2 4*s and a low levelled 5 star, while I have maxed 5*s. What’s going on there?!? I don’t mind waiting an extra 2/3mins to get paired with a guy who has similarly levelled champions instead of waiting days for my champions to refresh!


  • OdachiOdachi Posts: 981 ★★★★
    but how did he do?
  • _matto__matto_ Posts: 57
    Odachi said:

    but how did he do?

    To be honest he wasn’t half bad for the champions he was using, though sector 7 isn’t the friendliest on 4*s. We got to Zone 3 if I remember correctly, (absolutely no hate on that guy) but it’s just frustrating when I can get around zone 10 no problem with my champions
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