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10546 Looking

Will be needing a new alliance after current war. Not sure if I'm wanting to take a step back in alliance stuff or continue the tiers I'm at.

Currently I've been as high as 43 in AQ. I have experience on maps 6 and 7. Been as high as plat 1 but most often around plat 4.


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    zeustarzeustar Posts: 67
    @Demonzfyre hit me up on line bud.

    Line: Mughal96
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    Gigonite69Gigonite69 Posts: 92
    We do 665 (top 600 and over 300M) in AQ and have an optional 1 BG AW currently at G2 and tier 4.

    Let me know if interested: Gigonite69 on Line
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    FrankielangFrankielang Posts: 39
    @Demonzfyre we run 6x5 top 150. Platinum 4 wars. Add me in game or on LINE: Frankielang
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    Junos_79Junos_79 Posts: 253
    If you are looking for a relax chilled alliance reach me on line at Junos79. We are top 500 and 350m weekly score in AQ.
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    XCripXCrip Posts: 130
    edited May 2020
    Can offer 6x5 370M

    With Gold 1 wars at tier six, no desire to fight flow wars

    Line: XCrip
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    up2sumthingup2sumthing Posts: 56
    We run some map 7
    Top 150-200 aq
    Pushing plat 3 war

    Hit me up if interested on line

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    BasuBasu Posts: 20
    edited May 2020
    6x5. Starting prestige is around 10.5K. We are top gold 1, about to hit plat 4. Our goal is to least amount of work for most rewards. My Line is basubaba
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    TheTalentsTheTalents Posts: 2,254 ★★★★★
    edited May 2020
    7x5 hit me up The_talents on line
    We're top 45. Relaxed AW gold 1
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    Buck9studioBuck9studio Posts: 161
    Hit me up ign buck9studio, we run map4, silver 1/gold3, no communications, just do your part
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