LF Active Alliance for AQ Maps 4/5

Looking for an active alliance that does Map4/5 in AQ. AW I don't care quite as much about. IGN and Line name both phoward_97. Looking to move hopefully before next weeks quests begin.


  • camolovercamolover Posts: 100
    AQ focused alliance looking for active players. War optional. Score 1m to 120m. Run 1 group at map 5 and 2 groups at map 4. Line required. Line id is shelly2424
  • SoCal07SoCal07 Posts: 19

    Controlled Collective II, our 2nd branch for Maps 3 (BG1), 4 (BG2) and 5 (BG3) has an opening. We run 5 days of AQ.

    Only AQ and Line app for Communication are Mandatory.

    Wars are optional, players choice if they want to participate in wars.

    Contact on Line app is preferred:
    1. LadyGamer13
    2. Rachel
    3. SoCal07

    In game contacts:
    1. LadyG~2
    2. Reitchel
    3. SoCal07
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