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I've been playing this game now for more than 5 years and auto evade still catches me off guard. No, not defensive auto evade... offensive auto evade. I have become accustomed to playing around the likes of Nightcrawler and Spiderman (defensively) and can usually one shot but when auto evade is totally random, like with Stark Spiderman (offensively), I find myself completely losing rhythm through no fault of my own.

I believe there should be a way to "turn off" offensive auto evade when you simply do not want to deal with it.


  • AndyB1985AndyB1985 Posts: 29
    You didn't comprehend what I said all that well. I more than insinuated that I have no problems playing against auto evade. I do not like playing WITH auto evade. Not that hard.

    I wish there were a way to "turn it off" so I never have to deal with it when I am trying to one shot a boss with Stark Spiderman.
  • BPantherBPanther Posts: 4

    I think all evades shouldn't trigger while blocking, or at least on well timed blocks.

    EDIT: In the offense that is.

    Hmm i dont understand why you want that. Imagine Stark Spiderman(my main champ btw) in fight with champs in AQ and AW on unblockable special attack nodes( or champ like Doom per example). There is no better deffence there than evade, your block wont save you then.
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    Imo every champ shouldn’t evade while blocking or at least parrying
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    Sym and og spidey had a synergy with night monkey where they wont evade when blocking. I never have a problem with starks autos because when I play him I always try to evade myself anyway but would be nice to have a pre-fight to switch modes of the stark ai, maybe like increase auto-evade chance if not blocking but 0 auto chance when holding block
  • AndyB1985AndyB1985 Posts: 29
    What prompted me to this line of thinking is that in the past year, champs have been introduced that have "activated abilities," like Stealth Spiderman or Human Torch.

    How hard would it be to implement something that gives us the option to not have champs auto evade on us while we are playing with them?

    I missed a one shot today because of it. Completely ruined my rhythm and busted my Invulnerability boost.
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