Looking for a small Merger.

We have a solid 10 players that are willing to merge to an active alliance. We will run AQ map 5 and a War group. Hit me up. In game ID is Hgonz1431
All rating between 800-1.3mil.


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    Robbo9Robbo9 Posts: 51
    Sent you a friend request in game. May have accidentally invited you to the alliance as well so please ignore that 😂
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    Doofy64Doofy64 Posts: 31
    We just reopened our alliance and and think we could help each other out. We will run 5x5 and 2bgs with 655x5 in the near future
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    MiraminiMiramini Posts: 18
    Not sure if you’re still interested in a merger but if so hit me up! Sent you a friend request in game!
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