Blank screen

Every so often when I start a fight, the screen immediately goes blank. I can still hear the sounds and inputs work but nothing on the screen. Other apps on the phone are fine, just mcoc. I can end task on the game and go back in where it restarts my fight over but it's annoying that this happens. You can hear your champion getting combo'd into oblivion while you freak out. This is the only game on my phone and a fresh install maybe 2 weeks ago.

Samsung S10+


  • TrackerX55TrackerX55 Posts: 41
    Device and Version: Samsung Galaxy S9

    Device Operating System: Android v10

    Mobile Carrier: Verizon

    Cellular or WiFi: Both?

    Game Version Installed: 27.1.0

    Game Mode: Various

    Champions Affected: No Specific Champ

    Active Boosts: None

    Description of the Issue: Getting blank screens, inputs still work as you can hear it audio but screen is black..

    Screenshot of software ver.

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