Needing Members : relax and friendly team

Anyone who would like to join us in our alliance. We are a group of friendly and helpful people mostly from Michigan, USA.
At least 6k prestige and more than 300k hero ratings.
Please add me in Line App ID : jerry051287


  • IronMike_14IronMike_14 Posts: 162
    what maps do you run? do you run AW? if so, what league are you currently in?
  • Jerry512Jerry512 Posts: 2
    We are currently running map 4 and 2 bgs for aw.
    We have fallen back in war ratings due to some team members leaving to another alliance.
    We have 24 members on board so we need friendly and nice teammates with us.
  • IronMike_14IronMike_14 Posts: 162
    ok thanks...we are looking for map 5 runs only and 2 Gold 3 at least....thanks and good luck...
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