Looking for Map 5/6 alliance

Thinking of leaving my current alliance, im looking for Map 6 or a mixture of 5/6. I dont care about AW, just want to make sure that the alliance i go to 100% AQ. I have two accounts that i could potentially bring.


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    Doofy64Doofy64 Posts: 31
    I just returned after taking a break from running my alliance and want to put together a 655x5 alliance with optional wars. If you're interested hit me up on line at Doofy64
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    SupasixSupasix Posts: 80
    Give me a shout Supasix98 map6 with mods and war in g1. I can definitely take both accounts.
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    Kappa2gKappa2g Posts: 272 ★★★
    Hi, would you be interested in 66655 HHHMM modifier AQ? We run stress free 2bg AW so you can opt to just do 5 wars and be done with it. Will take both of the accounts.
    Assigned AQ paths and structured BGs
    Contact me on line: Saltykappa
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    BriceMiesterBriceMiester Posts: 278
    Were running map 5/5/5 looking to kick some deadweight and run 6/5/5. We run AQ 100%, usually hit 150-180million. AW is optional. And we can make room for both your accounts
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    CourtbearCourtbear Posts: 167
    Have 1 5x5 spot open, 20mil ally
    5x5 / 55444 / 4x5 teams hitting 140mil
    AW optional
    Line ID: courtbear
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    RigidRigid Posts: 152
    I'm looking for 2 come end of AW season. Would be map 6 groups for AQ.

    Line Rigid144
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    GiantmetalheadjrGiantmetalheadjr Posts: 342
    Hey, two spots just opened up for boss killers in my alliance 235 million in aq gold 2 tier 4 2 bg war. Line: Giantmetalhead
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    CptnBsnDirectoCptnBsnDirecto Posts: 73
    I have at least one slot at end of AW rewards (member taking a “big break.”). We run 655x5 and hit 280 mil aq. AW is completely optional. International ally and very organized with players that love and know the game (no having to hold hands). Line ID cptnbsndirecto
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    dzildzil Posts: 86
    28m alliance here. Gold 1/2. 1BG runs 66555 if AQ on non-weekends. Others are 5x5. High 260m when we do run 2 map 6 that week. We should have 2 spots after war season.

    Line id: dzilooo
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    Coug21Coug21 Posts: 32
    We run 5x5. May consider adding in some map 6. We clear every time. Hitting about 230mil in Aq score. AW is optional. Let me know if you’re interested. Plus we could maybe make room for both accounts as well. Line id is coug22
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    DaBillsDaBills Posts: 648
    You have line? I am looking for 2. We're running Map 5, 3bgs, 100%. Hitting around 200 mil. We are Silver 1 in war. Our focus is AQ, always best champs in AQ, but we ask for participation in AW also. A fun, social group we are 😋 Just ask you to be active and communicate if you are going to be away for vacation or something. We have been around since 2015 and have a strong solid core. In game or on line at DaBills.
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    metalman695metalman695 Posts: 109
    Hey there. We do a mix of map 6 and map 5. We're gold 2 in AW pushing gold 1. Good group of people that are friendly but also competitive and want to grow. You'd fit in great. Hit me up on Line - metalman695
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