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Game chat not working

My game chat not working properly i can't send any msg to alliance member or incursion friends. :s@Kabam Miike i sent mail but no response :/ what should I do :(


  • BlasterFoxyBlasterFoxy Posts: 15
  • Lucifer1810Lucifer1810 Posts: 366 ★★★
    It happens often just restart the game
  • BlasterFoxyBlasterFoxy Posts: 15
    Tried but not working
  • Hey BlasterFoxy, I'm sorry to hear you're having this issue. If you haven't already, I recommend trying the troubleshooting steps below in an effort to resolve it.

    - iOS Troubleshooting
    - Android Troubleshooting

    If those steps don't resolve the issue, it's possible you're unable to use the in-game Chat as a result of having received a temporary or permanent Chat ban.

    Unfortunately, we're unable to view account-specific information here in the Forums and can't be sure if you've received a Chat ban or not. Therefore, I would recommend reaching out to our Support Team for clarification. You can contact them by clicking HERE.
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