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Canadian prices compared to U.S. prices

Always wondered this but only just got around to posting the question. How is it that the exchange rate of U.S dollars to Canadian is .82 cents to $1.00 right now and Kabam treats it like it is much higher? For instance, this new 5* offer should be $121 Canadian. Instead it's $139.99. I'm pretty sure that this type of pricing is not illegal but how is it fair in a competitive type game such as MCoC?


  • Try living in Australia, it's even higher. It's like $150 or something like to purchase the 5* deal. But i took my credit card info off of the game so they ain't getting anymore of my money
  • nebneb Posts: 445 ★★★
    Costs more due to international shipping and handling
  • In a previous game i played, the Germans and Australians "pay items" were always much cheaper than the exchange rate and i thought that sucked. No idea why it's that way.
  • As a Canadian, I feel your pain. Unfortunately, this is not within our control. We only price the items in USD, and it is up to each individual App Store provider to decide what their exchange rates are. There are factors that do affect these (like taxes, fees, etc.) but none of those are decided on by us.

    Since we've gone over this multiple times in the past and there is no more that we can add to this, we're going to close this thread down now.
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