5 guys 10k+ prestige looking for stable map 5 gold 1-2 alliance

We’re 5 guys looking to move after AQ rewards to a stable map 5 gold 1-2 new home. We all done with moving alliance every few months getting fed up with taking out every boss. Would like somewhere to stay permanently that has a team ethics alliance and doesn’t rely on us to carry the bg.

Consistently most points in AQ and 9+ kills every war including all bosses between 3 of us, just would be nice to be somewhere where everyone puts in effort. If you can accommodate then drop your line and one of us will be in contact, thanks 👍


  • JeezusJeezus Posts: 106
    We’re pushing gold hard. Currently silver1, but started at the bottom of the heap a season ago. We run 554X5 and want to get to 555x5. Y’all would get us there. We’re very active. Core has been together a couple years. We restarted the ally when I took over a couple months ago. HMU if interested. Nevertrustahippy is my line ID.
  • JeezusJeezus Posts: 106
    Alliance Name: Jeezus N’ Pals
    Tag: 5AY10
    Time zone: mostly North America, couple Asia and a couple European
    AQ Maps: 554
    # AQ BGs: 3
    AQ Score: 120-150 mil +
    AQ Prestige: 7274
    AQ Ranking: 3893
    War Tier: 13
    War Bracket: Silver 1
    War Rating: 1355
    # War BGs: 3
    Looking for: 3 preferably uncollected or better
    Language: English
    LineID: nevertrustahippy

    We’d make room for all five.
  • JeezusJeezus Posts: 106
    Sorry for spamming, but we’ve got boss killers so it wouldn’t just fall on you boys to pick it up.
  • gahootgahoot Posts: 7

    First of all, we would be very happy to accommodate you all.

    We are in Gold 3 and we are looking for someone who wants to settle with us for a long time. Indeed most of us are together for almost 2 years. We do Map5/5/4 all week consistently.

    We do emphasize on everyone pulling their effort in AQ and AW.

    Disclaimer: We use discord not line.

    If interested please drop a message here, or you can message in-game (one of us):
    gahoot, The Grate Boss
  • XCripXCrip Posts: 130
    We are map 6, top 300. Gold1/2.

    If that kinda profile is what you seek, add me on Line and we can chat.

    Boss killers welcome but not required. Each BG 3-4 of those already.

  • BriceMiesterBriceMiester Posts: 278
    Were looking to replace a number of people who have either retired, gone solo or just not putting in the same effort as the rest when AQ drops, we have boss killers but more are always welcome, we run map 5/5/5 gold 3 atm, there are 3 requirements and they're all posted on our alliance page let me know if your interested my line is BriceMiester
  • RRK173RRK173 Posts: 84
    contact me for more info
    line id : rahulrajkoshy
    in-game : RRK173
  • protectors11protectors11 Posts: 114
    Add me on line
    Protectors11 I think we would be a good fit for you
  • MajinMajin Posts: 14
    I forgot to to mention we are uk based looking for a uk/Europe alliance 😂👍
  • Brt07Brt07 Posts: 17
    Hi Guys We Are on a Re-Building Stage, some went Retired and some are Busy that’s why we are looking for 5 active members we do Map 5 all BG’s with 150-180Mill a week. G3 last Season. Looking for Responsible players and willing to contribute in AQ/AW side/daily events. At least 500k Rating line is Required.
    If your interested hit me up. Thanks 🙏

    Line ID: 10brt07
    In game Name: Brt07
    Alliance Name: Bilko (Goondocks)
  • XCripXCrip Posts: 130
    Line: xCrip

    Gold 1/2. Top 300 AQ, 380M+.

    Europe And American Alliance.
  • Crazy_JamieCrazy_Jamie Posts: 345 ★★
    Send me a message on Line (crazyjamie84) and we can talk. We run Map 5 and are P4. That’s a little higher than you’ve asked for so I don’t know if you’re deliberately looking for Gold, but if you’re interested send me a message and we can chat.
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