Looking for map 4 alliance

Hi, I am lookin for map 4 alliance.
My in game name is wayde
Prestige around 6000
Line id wayde0wilson


  • Spectre29Spectre29 Posts: 56
    If you are still looking, we run Map 4/Heroic modifiers. Pull 100M+ each cycle. Must be active in AQ. AW we run 2 BGs; must be able to place 5*/R3 defenders as minimum IF you want to participate in AW. Any other questions, let me know.
  • SpiderCWLSpiderCWL Posts: 141
    We are an alliance in the rebuilding process and need players who are willing to help us rebuild and grow. We currently do 1 group in AQ Map 5, but will definitely increase to 2 or 3 groups when we have the numbers. Also do 1 group in AW (Bronze 1 in last season). No chat app required. Only use the in-game chat. Search for "team martin" if interested.
  • CaptBirdseyeCaptBirdseye Posts: 102
    We are looking for new player, search my game name which is same as forum for Alliance 6fears7
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