I have outgrown my alliance

I have only been playing MCOC two months or so, but with the pandemic I have had A LOT of time to progress. In this time, I have become an officer in my alliance, but I have kind of grown out of my role since becoming uncollected. I am looking for a new alliance, where I would like to be active in both AQ and AW. I am laid back in my attitude towards the game in the sense that I am happy as long as everyone is participating, trying their best, and utilizing their best champions. I am looking for like-minded folk. Message me in game: CoolAPC


  • SlayerzzSlayerzz Posts: 397
    Hey @CoolAPC we are a new ally. We are looking for players with line app. We run 2 BGs in war. Aiming for silver 1 or gold 3 . We are currently running Map 321 . Once we get weaker players of our ally with stronger ones. We will do Map 432 . If you wanna join us please inform us or add me in line app for more information. Line id :slayerzz474
  • Billotch13Billotch13 Posts: 70
    If you are still looking, add me on Line swaggydaddyo and let's chat!
  • HelluvaPullHelluvaPull Posts: 83
    Do you have discord? We’re more than happy to have you if you have discord
  • Excelsior4Excelsior4 Posts: 10
    Hi, CoolAPC, we’re a Silver 1 alliance, and we do 3 BGs in AW & AQ-4/4/3. We’d love to have you join. I’m on Line at excelsior4 or at MCOC Excelsior!~4
  • 5tarscream5tarscream Posts: 92
    I think these alliances looking for S1 and only running map 3 are in for a shock.
    We run 344 and have been S2 forever, our members are generally rated around 500k.
  • Av3ng3rADAv3ng3rAD Posts: 3
    Add me in game Av3ng3rAD
    we do AQ 543 .
    Gold ally.
  • manveertherealmanveerthereal Posts: 744 ★★★
    the total base hero rating tho
  • SpiderCWLSpiderCWL Posts: 142
    We are an alliance in the rebuilding process. Veteran and intermediate players are welcomed. Currently doing Maps 5 & 3 in AQ, and may do 5/4/3 in the future to accommodate players of different levels. Also do 1 group (optional) in AW. No chat app required. Only use the in-game chat. Search for "team martin" if interested.
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