Compensation... But

I understand they are having it rougher then us at the moment, but can anyone tell me what the compensation was for the Timeout penalties a few months ago. A deadline for when compensation should have been released should be added to help them keep up with promises and put us at ease on when we can expect them and then also easier to account for when they aren't instead of them looking bad and neglectful when they are actually busy with it


  • DonnymeijDonnymeij Posts: 680 ★★★
    As long as they do not know when these problems are resolved, they cannot promise a date for compensation.
    Maybe it will last a day. Maybe a week. They don`t know probably.
  • MomoAkaMauriceMomoAkaMaurice Posts: 17
    I'm can understand not giving us an exact date but a " by then" time would help calm people down. It has been about 2 months I think after the Timeout penalty incident and they promised compensation which I haven't seen. Unless I am mistaken, but there shouldn't be promises and made and not kept.
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