Looking for Map 5 AQ alliance

Just as the title states, looking for an alliance that runs Map 5 AQ 5x5. In game name is PaulyMatz if you would like to reach out to chat. Also the same name on line.

Thank you.


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    Gigonite69Gigonite69 Posts: 92
    Can’t add you on Line unfortunately. Sent you a friend request in game.
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    JNC11JNC11 Posts: 17
    Can’t find you on line. Check us out!


    40 mill alliance. AQ map 5 focus. 260+ million weekly score.

    Optional AW. (1 BG ATM gold 2/3) soon opening up a second BG.

    1 million minimum SA.
    Weekly milestones hit.

    One spot open for high prestige account looking to cut back or realign their game play

    AT: [=TGL=]
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    viv612viv612 Posts: 12
    Can’t find you on line add me if interested:
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    PaulyMatzPaulyMatz Posts: 6
    Bringing this back up to the top. In search of a new alliance, please let me know if anyone is looking for a solid addition to your group. Line ID and user name are listed in the first post.

    Thank you
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    JustadudeJustadude Posts: 87

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    SpiderCWLSpiderCWL Posts: 141
    We are an alliance in the rebuilding process. Veteran and intermediate players are welcomed. Currently doing Maps 5 & 3 in AQ, and may do 5/4/3 in the future to accommodate players of different levels. Also do 1 group (optional) in AW. No chat app required. Only use the in-game chat. Search for "team martin" if interested.
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    Gohan69Gohan69 Posts: 26
    Hey Pauly people are right your name doesn’t come up on line so I’ve added you in game instead Gohan69 had 1 person unfortunately have to leave the game so need replacement ASAP
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