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23m 8.5k prestige, 3.4k glory, easy going Alliance looking for you....

Hi all,

We are a group of mainly cavalier and at least uncollected, 8543 average prestige players.

We are no minimums, no donations, no drama, no line.... It's a game and you don't need to check in repeatedly and I don't want to have to bug you! We hit 500k+ in SA without holding and hit most other milestones too.

We run 3 BGs in AQ, map 55444 first two BGs, then map 44333 in 1 BG. We've recently added in map 5 as the energy refresh is faster, which means no having to check on linked nodes. Logging in 3 times for AQ should be reasonable.

We get 120m to 140m depending on whether torch is the mini and we drop a map 5.

We run 2 BGs in war and it's optional and no items. Now wars are on rating, we'll be g3 (currently s1 and steam rolling opponents).

Who are you? Ideally at least 8.5k prestige, have ranked up some sensible choices that can deal with rows of 60k health drones in AQ, actually want to play the game and can turn up to all 5 days of AQ consistently and take your share of enemies. That's it. We have multiple boss killers but if you want to do that too, you can.

Hit me up in game, ilovescotch, would love to hear from you :-)


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