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Right now being uncollected still seems a bit lack luster. I think the change to push it to where it needs to be is an uncollected monthly calendar. Like the new 14 day log in it could be longer up to 60 days before starting a new cycle offering much better rewards with 5* shardsin every cycle. The current rewards are nice but tbh they aren't game changing and if I remember correctly become uncollected is supposed to be an epic milestone of Mcoc now. I am not here demanding anything just offering suggestion I hope you like my ideas!


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    Yes the rewards seem to be nothing special, beating 5.2 is a big challenge with many players dropping mad potions. Kabam should offer rewards that are equal to the difficulty of the event
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    I'd honestly just like to see the quest crystals updated for being uncollected. Those things are just trash. What good are tier 1 isos at this point, really now?
  • I'm happy with all the changes except the uncollected arena crystals, five times the rewards for five times the cost? Bruh do you even lowest common denominator?
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    Ummm. So like. You could be getting the same login Crystal as the rest. It's pretty trashy..
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    The Uncollected daily is definitely a big step up from the standard daily.

    The ability to buy Grandmaster crystals for 200 units is pretty solid if you do a lot of arena, get units fairly often and have all your masters completed already.

    The Uncollected arena crystals themselves still seem to have a terrible drop rate of units compared to the standard arena crystals. Having said that, I have already duped my 4* Punisher from them, so that is pretty cool.

    Overall, I think it is just the right amount of extra benefit. It makes me feel rewarded compared to all my alliance buddies who are not Uncollected. But it's not enough to send me shooting ahead and completely demoralise all the people who don't have the roster yet for Act 5.

    agreed. its just extra incentives after reaching a certain milestone/goal.

    its a forever available content, so if people feel their team not strong enough or need use too many potions, then come back again when decent roster to face it.

    ive definitely seen an increased amount of 4 stars and even some 5 stars opened from that grandmaster crystal not to include all the extra t4cc shards from dailys etc. no one complaining about that.

    come on, its free to play. cant expect too much right....

    i think ive opened about 60 of those new arena 10k crystals and finally got my first 4 star punisher. compared to old arena crystal ive prolly opened hundreds over 2+ years.....

    do the maths :smile:
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    I respect the difficulty in completing it. I'm just not sure how much more could be asked for. Lol. The Rewards are pretty significant. Between the GMCs, the 14-Day Calendar, and the Arena Crystals, that's nothing to shake a stick at for completing 5.2. One idea I could see happening is an Uncollected Arena, where people play for 5*s and a few 6* Shards perhaps. Of course, there may be limits as to what 5*s are available and what Dup Rewards give.
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    NEW Uncollected Monthly Calendar needed.

    We are tired of getring the same low monthly calendar as everyone else.


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    I think the rewards are actually decent, the uncollected daily crystal is a nice touch as I've pulled over 12k t2a shards from it already. That's the equivalent of of 4 months of event quests an a lot of moneys worth if you were to get that amount from a deal offer.
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    just make a uncollected monthly login calendar.
    1. add T4cc on every login calendar
    2. instead of a 3 star login crystal with a chance at 4 star.. make it a 4 star with a chance at a 5 star version
    3. add full 4 star crystal
    4. bunch of red shards.. maybe 2500 - 5000 shards every month
    5. double up the units
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    There is nothing wrong with uncollected rewards especially once you take into account how the daily rewards will stack. What people seem to want especially on this thread is just hand outs to make the game easier not rewards that were earned for completing content that would match the rewards. Act 5.2 besides the collector is quite easy even with 4* champions an considering that you only need one clear not even full exploration does not justify the reward and monthly calendar suggests people are posting on this thread. Completing moderately difficult content should not have game changing rewards even 100% LOL completion rewards are not game changing, very good but not game changing so 5.2 first clear should not have the ridiculous rewards people are wanting.
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    I disagree with anyone how wants less rewards just makes no sense
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    i think instead of the phc crystal shards all the uncollected should be getting grandmaster crystal shards because at this point 2* champs are not even worth looking at
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    i think instead of the phc crystal shards all the uncollected should be getting grandmaster crystal shards because at this point 2* champs are not even worth looking at

    It would be nice, but unlikely they would completely remove/replace all PHC shard rewards with the grandmaster crystal shards.

    At its best, they will probably make grandmaster shards slowly more available in the future, which should be the case if 6* champs are gonna be added, and tougher content is going to be pushed to us
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