Act 6.2.6 AI has been changed. Bug or not?

HI_guysHI_guys Posts: 757 ★★★
This isn't a whine post but something I noticed while doing the champion quest after v28.0

All fight so far except Iceman have been weird. You know the horrible map 5 ai that just stood there without blocking and walks towards you??
The ai is behaving like that.

I couldn't record but after watching Seatin's new vid you can see it in the last 10% of the fight

Check timestamp 3:40


  • tafretafre Posts: 436 ★★★
    I noticed it as well, the AI has been super weird and it happens once you end the combo with a medium attack not sure if it is intended or not.
  • HI_guysHI_guys Posts: 757 ★★★
    I always try to go for parry as soon as I finish my combo and now they just saty there after getting hit
  • SeraphionSeraphion Posts: 876 ★★★
    Thats so horrible
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