5.3.6 is bugged!!!!!

I have spent 2 full energy refills trying to move up and to the right at the “T”. When I click on the first bubble to move right, it makes the noise as if I’m moving but I don’t move. I have restarted my game several times AND updated the game. Please fix this. Ideally I would be given my energy refills back also. Don’t know who to tag.


  • Man_BatMan_Bat Posts: 176
    Post a screenshot. Chances are you haven't collected the key you need to take that path.
  • Ebony_NawEbony_Naw Posts: 904 ★★★★
    For some reason, you still need keys even once the path has been explored. Contact support and they'll send you some as long as you've already fully explored the chapter. If you haven't, the key you need is somewhere in a quest.
  • HerdingCatsHerdingCats Posts: 47
    I have been farming this chapter for days. Never an issue.
  • HerdingCatsHerdingCats Posts: 47
    I have 2 separate videos; a static photo won’t illustrate the issue.
  • Heheheh7777Heheheh7777 Posts: 117
    @HerdingCats put in a support ticket and they will give you 100 keys to pass the gates. Otherwise, ssssshhhhhh.....about 5.3.6 ftlog
  • Thicco_ModeThicco_Mode Posts: 7,284 ★★★★★
    I thought this was a post about trying to go on a path and the game "automatically going on a path" I'm not totally sure specifically what the map looks like, but put in a ticket and I've heard they give out keys
  • RobertkoRobertko Posts: 47
    I am having the same exact problem. I cannot turn right onto the mystic path. I have reinstalled the game to no avail.
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