Magneto buff idea

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Here it is, the third in my series of buff ideas. This time it’s the big bad, MAGNETO (Disclaimer: this is all speculation to give kabam some ideas. None of this is confirmed)


Passive - Magnetism
When fighting against #metal champions place a magnetism passive on your opponent. This reduces their ability accuracy by 100% and decreases the potency of all buffs by 90%.

Passive - psychic helmet
Magneto is immune to all AAR and reverse controls. He is also immune to all feedback and does not take any plasma damage (Havok counter)

Well timed blocks
When the opponent is magnetised take 0 damage. Also gain a permanent magnet charge passive.

Passive - Magnet charge
For each magnet charge gain
+5% critical damage
+5% critical rating
+5% attack rating
When you reach 100 magnet charges and the opponent is magnetised gain a permanent unblockable and unstoppable passive. Max 100 stacks

Passive - energy attacks
All of Magnetos attacks deal energy damage. If the opponent is magnetised they also do not make contact

Heavy attack - Magnet blast
Place a feedback debuff on the opponent dealing 5% of base attack in energy damage a second per magnet charge. This lasts for 10 seconds and is refreshed with every heavy. Also if a feedback debuff is removed from the defender by any means other than it expiring, deal a passive 25% attack per magnet charge.

Special 1
The last hit deals a bleed debuff dealing 70% of base attack over 5 seconds. This is doubled if the opponent is magnetised.

Special 2
This attack places a bleed dealing 100% of base attack over 5 seconds. This is tripled if the opponent is magnetised

Special attack 3
This attack deals a flat 0.5% of the defenders health per magnet charge. This damage can be capped. The attack also leaves traces of metal on the opponent and they gain a magnetism passive lasting 35 seconds. If the opponent is also magnetised gain a force field buff lasting 35 seconds.

Passive force field
All damage done by hits deal a maximum of 1% of Magnetos base health.

Signature ability - God Of Metal

Magneto permanently has a force field capping ALL damage to 50-5% of Magnetos health (this works like sig 1, 50% sig 200, 5%)

Also magnetos control over metal means that his magnet charges persist from fight to fight.


Adamantioops- with Wolverine, X23, OML and weapon X - Wolverines, gain a passive permanent regeneration buff gaining +1% health per second at the start of the fight - Magneto, gain a 100% chance to inflict heal block on heavy attacks (lasting 10 seconds) fighting against a Wolverine character

Metal EVERYWHERE - with Collosus
Collosus, armour ups gain +10% potency
Magneto, gain a 100% chance to activate a fury after a heavy attack increasing attack by +1% for each magnet charge, lasting 5 seconds

Mutant over tech ant day - with Mr Sinister
Mr Sinister - special 1 attack places a stun on the opponent for 1 second
Magneto - whenever a bleed effect fails to activate on a #robot champion instead deal a feedback debuff dealing the same damage the bleed would over the same time (this can be refreshed by the heavy attack)

The full extent of your power - with Phoenix
Phoenix, overload activates after 15 fury buffs are gained rather than 11
Magneto, whilst the opponent is stunned they also gain 100% less power


  • CaptainPollCaptainPoll Posts: 901 ★★★
    i thnk magnitism passive would too op because numerous champs in the game are tagged metal
  • ThatGuyYouSaw235ThatGuyYouSaw235 Posts: 1,506 ★★★★
    Nice, but there's a thread for this
  • TP33TP33 Posts: 1,382 ★★★★

    i thnk magnitism passive would too op because numerous champs in the game are tagged metal

    Yes but he currently has that utility and the main idea is just to increase his damage.
  • Morpheus_123Morpheus_123 Posts: 215
    This what I love about this game. The amount of effort and dedication that people put in is incredible. The thought process and time taken to make that OP is brilliant.

    Although I love Magneto, and have selected him every time in previous polls for champions to buff, I don't see Kabam every doing anything with [either] of him.
  • NCB_ptNCB_pt Posts: 289
    If magneto would be one of few counters to Xavier, plus some more fuffs, that would be nice, for starting...
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