10.3k prestige looking for AQ focused Alli Map6


  • Hit me up on Line. Seamus2099. We are running 3 BGs at map 6 and one at map 5. Some map 7 is sprinkled in. Trying to get to all three BGs for map 6.
  • Meant to say 2 BGs at map 6 currently and one at map 5.
  • HMU on LINE (crusader01) if you’re still searching. Mix of Map 5/6 AQ and AW Gold 1/2.
  • metalman695metalman695 Posts: 83
    Hey bud. Map 6 with a dash of map 5 for those who want it. 300m in AQ. 2 casual, itemless BGs in AW gets us gold 1. Hit me up on Line - metalman695
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