LF ally 6x5 plat3/4

Looking for ally that runs majority map 6 and plat 3 or 4
Prestige 9.4k+


  • Ingame name: Thuglife786

  • NYY2728NYY2728 Posts: 27
    Are you still looking?

    We are looking for a strong active player that can join now.
    Alliance Tag (GU) Guardians of the Universe.

    AQ schedule: Map 6
    AW Tier 4/P4

    We are a chill yet active alliance and we strive to make sure this alliance is a stress-free zone and a fun and friendly environment!

    But we are a competitive alliance that gets the job done.

    Contact me for more information. Line: nyy2728
  • Sorry man just got into another ally. Thanks anyways
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