Looking for an alliance

Hi guys
Im looking for an alliance.
I was in a p4 alliance last season and aq map 4 and 5.
Add me in game or on line..line id is anthony15198.


  • eggesteggest Posts: 105
    Hi, do you still want Plat 4 wars?

    We run map 5x5 for AQ, scoring around 235-240mil with modifiers.
    For AW we run 2 bgs on a rotation basis, so everyone gets a bit of a break during season. We normally finish Gold.

    My Line Id is eggest1 if interested. Thanks :)
  • The_BatThe_Bat Posts: 30
    LF Players AQ 5x5 Epic and Master mods, AW Gold2, Prestige 8.5k or more

    Adult alliance, Mainly UK and EU Time Zone but we have a few US based payers. We are replacing a few players who are too busy in RL. We are looking for team players who want to grow with us. LINE IS MANDATORY.
    We are scoring around 220 millions in AQ. Doing Map5x5 with node epic(2) and master(3).
    In war we run 3 BGs and we are gold 2, tier 8 and aiming for gold one.
    Minimum requirement is 8.5k prestige, preferably higher. Cavalier a plus. You Need a deep and decent enough roster to participate in AQ and AW.

    Add me on line the_bat or check us in game The_Bat
  • Ground_Round1Ground_Round1 Posts: 1,011
    give us a look :)

    We are a group of moderate players who work together to maximize rewards. Most of us are old school 5x5 burnouts who just enjoy playing without all the AQ/AW pressure. We like to play with those who know and understand the game, and don't have a lot of patience for repeated shenanigans.

    AW: 2 BG's in season, 1-2 BG off season, and sometime run theme tanks in the off season. Last season we were G1, but sometimes are in the G2 range. Usually there is no/little item use in our war effort. 5 war minimum per season.

    AQ: 554, 554, 554, 544, 444 for 180-190+ mil weekly.

    500-750k SA weekly, small minimums just to help us weed out the deadwood, no donations.

    We use discord for group chat and are organized, this is mandatory for all ally members. You don't have to chat and be gabby, just call out routes, etc.

    Holler if this sounds good. We have had a stable roster for several months...come in and enjoy the success.

    groundround#0363 in discord, Ground Round in line, Gound Round in game.
  • Billotch13Billotch13 Posts: 105
    If you want to help build something great, we're in full rebuilding mode and would love to add you! Very active group, were running 5/5/4 but lost half the alliance. Search tag MRPRZ and add me on Line swaggydaddyo.
  • DavytrainDavytrain Posts: 18

    We are a laid back AQ focused alliance. We understand real life comes first. One open spot for a player capable of contributing to map 5. We do AW in between AQ cycles. Line optional. My in game and line ids: Davytrain.
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